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Climate change is one of the most significant challenges of our times. Todays, industries are called upon to meet the global demands of a growing population while significantly reducing their impact on climate.

This can only be achieved through a radical transformation of industrial production as consumer goods rely on raw materials that have high carbon footprint. For example, crude steel production is responsible for 7-9% of the global annual carbon footprint (CO2), while significant increases in production are expected due to growth in both population and GDP.

Cenergy Holdings is committed to tackle climate change and is taking responsibility for reducing the carbon footprint, not only in its companies’ production units, but also by designing technological solutions that will allow the transformation into carbon neutral economy. We understand that in order to meet this challenge, close cooperation with our suppliers and customers is essential.

Based on this commitment, the company has integrated in the strategic planning of its companies, actions that enhance energy transition and ensure its development perspective.


Actions to tackle Climate change is at the heart of the European Green Deal- an ambitious package ranging from significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions to investments in cutting – edge research and innovation to preserve Europe ‘s natural environment.

The first initiatives to address these actions under the Green Agreement include:

  • The European Climate Law, which enshrines in EU law the goal of climate neutrality by 2050
  • the European Climate Pact, which aims to mobilize citizens and society as a whole in climate action.
  • the Climate Target Plan for 2030 which aims to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030.


By June 2021, the Commission will also review all relevant policies and, if necessary, propose their revision in order to achieve further reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

  • At an international level, the EU will continue to lead international negotiations to increase the target level set, for major polluters ahead of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Glasgow (COP26).


Energy transition can be the means for combating climate change, accelerating the reduction of carbon emissions and at the same time creating conditions for growth and development.

Climate change is a determining factor, which requires the immediate energy transition, as energy consumption is responsible for about two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions.

We at Cenergy Holdings envision our future as a net zero-carbon emissions company making a significant contribution to a climate-neutral society. The technological solutions provided by our products allow the increasing use of renewable sources in the energy mix and the successful penetration of hydrogen technologies.

“Energy Transition refers to the global energy sector’s shift from fossil-based systems of energy production and consumption to renewable energy sources, as well as batteries.”

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is the future of energy as it is the most promising form of energy that can be generated, transported and consumed in a manner compatible with a carbon emissions-free future. Generating electricity using renewable sources is nowadays an increasingly attractive and cost competitive solution. Improved performance of Solar and Wind parks makes the RES an important part of futures energy mix. According to EIA projections, the share of total energy used from sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal is projected to reach 40% by 2040.


is the cleaner fossil fuel and shall remain the main transition fuel until reliable and competitive substitution by carbon-free energy sources can occur. As we look to natural gas & biogas to reduce the carbon footprint in the energy sector, industry leaders are increasingly reaffirming the importance of CCS technologies to maintain sustainable and environmentally acceptable low-carbon fossil fuels in the future green energy mix. Some of these sources, such as natural gas processing, present highly accessible targets for application of carbon capture and storage (CCS).


is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy technologies. Usage is on the rise worldwide and the latest technology in offshore wind parks and floating foundations are expected to revolutionize this sector and expand the share of wind as a clean energy source.


The role of hydrogen in the future energy mix is an integral part of energy transition. It has great flexibility and variety in its potential applications: it can be used as fuel or in electricity generation, as well as in energy storage.

Clean energy for a greener future

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Based on its commitment to tackle climate change, Cenergy Holdings has integrated actions that enhance energy transition, meet todays’ challenges and ensure its development perspective.

Main pillars of our strategy

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strategy pillar

Gas Fuel / Biogas

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  • Leading position with a wide range of solutions for transmission, distribution, Industrial applications

Generating electricity using renewable sources is a challenging task, but remains the future of energy. Cenergy Holdings, offers a wide range of solutions for transmission, distribution, and industrial applications seeking to be an active part on this challenge.

  • Leading position in steel pipes for gas pipelines • Deep offshore pipelines

Natural gas is often considered as the alternative to clean energy. It is abundant and versatile, helping to meet the growing demand for energy globally and able to partner with renewable energy sources. Our project focus for the energy sector, is on gas transmission, at a rate of more than 90%

  • Wide range of cable solutions for onshore applications • Wide range of cable solutions for offshore & floating wind parks • Entrance in wind structures & offshore foundations under evaluation

Wind energy is a technologically mature, economically competitive and environmentally friendly energy choice, as an inexhaustible energy source without environmental burdens. The wind energy industry is one of the fastest growing energy technologies, especially in offshore wind parks. Responding to the growing demand for renewable energy production where offshore wind parks will be one of the key technologies that are expected to grow the most due to the huge global offshore wind potential, as well as due to the evolution of technology that now allows offshore installation wind parks at ever greater distances but also in deeper waters. Floating wind parks are expected to give new impetus to wind energy development. They are interconnected through dynamic submarine cables which require specialized technology.

  • Pioneer in R&D for the development of certified solutions for transportation hydrogen using existing or new gas infrastructure • R&D for H2 transportation combined, or not, with electricity using pipes or hybrid cables

Hydrogens’ role in the future energy mix is an essential part of energy transition, as it is considered the cleanest fuel of the future. One of the most important challenges, however, is its efficient production through electrolysis from renewable energy sources. In this way it will be able to, gradually, replace natural gas that is considered the fuel that will enable the transition to a zero carbon-emissions economy. Both Cenergy Holdings companies participate in European organizations such as the European Hydrogen Alliance and Hydrogen Europe, technical committees and working groups, aiming in the development of cost-effective solutions and products for the safe transportation of hydrogen. Research and development programs for the transportation of hydrogen, through existing or new networks, as well as form new Standards and Regulations will lay the groundwork for the gradual replacement of natural gas with hydrogen.

  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS) • Ready to meet the challenge with long experience in the production of CO2 pipelines

Carbon capture and storage technologies prevent the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels or industrial processes. This technology is still in a testing phase, constantly evolving and considered that, as a technology for specific applications, will help tackle climate change. Corinth Pipeworks already holds a long experience in the production of CO2 pipelines. For the last 15 years the Company has produced CO2 transmission pipelines in a total length of over 1,150 km and is ready to proceed with the immediate production of products that will allow the application of this technology on a large scale.


We achieve excellence through innovation and technology that allows us to be at the forefront of our markets

To stay ahead of the latest technological developments, Cenergy Holdings companies carry out continuous R&D, produce innovative solutions and maintain strategic partnerships with scientific bodies, international research centers and pioneering companies globally. Ongoing scientific research, both in manufacturing plants and R&D centers and practical experience gained, have resulted in significant in-house knowledge.

One of the key competitive advantages of our companies is their expertise in building and upgrading plants, gained through a long heritage in planning, re-engineering, process optimization and supervisory control systems.

Cenergy Holdings companies focus on developing new, innovative and high value added products, and invest in cutting edge technology to provide efficient solutions, and optimize industrial and business processes.

Leading the future

Hydrogen transmission network :

R&D programs for the safe transportation and certification of hydrogen via gas pipelines in existing and new infrastructure.

Dynamic cables :

Dynamic cables (MV & HV) for Floating wind parks.

HVDC solution :

Onshore & offshore HVDC systems up to 500kV for long distance power transmission.

Hydrogen :

R&D programs for exportation of Green hydrogen produced in offshore wind with the use of steel pipes or innovative cables combining H2 and Power Transmission.

Wind structures - Floating foundation :

Program under development for investment potentials of offshore and floating wind. Cooperation for the commercialization of floating foundations.