Executive Management

The Executive Management is vested with the day-to-day management of the Company. They are also entrusted with the implementation of the resolutions of the Board.


The Executive Management of the Company is composed of the Executive Vice President, the CEO and the CFO.


In particular, the Board has assigned the following missions to the Executive Management:

  • preparing strategic proposals for the Board;
  • preparing annual and strategic plans;
  • putting internal controls in place;
  • monitoring and managing the Company’s results and performance against strategic and financial plans;
  • preparing and presenting to the Board a timely, accurate, and reliable set of the Company’s draft financial statements, in accordance with the applicable accounting standards, and other material financial and non-financial information as well as the related press releases to be published by the Company;
  • providing the Board with a balanced and comprehensive assessment of the Company’s financial situation;
  • making recommendations to the Board with respect to matters within its competency;
  • reporting to the Board on the performance of the Company.