As a company incorporated under Belgian law and listed on Euronext Brussels, Cenergy Holdings applies standards that are compliant with the provisions of the 2020 Belgian Corporate Governance Code (the 2020 Code), which is the reference code and is publicly available on the website of the Corporate Governance Committee (

The Board of Directors of Cenergy Holdings has also adopted a Corporate Governance Charter in order to reinforce its standards for the Company in accordance with the recommendations set out in the 2020 Code. It aims at providing a comprehensive and transparent disclosure of the Company’s governance, which is reviewed and updated from time to time.

In order to have a complete overview of Cenergy Holdings’ corporate governance rules, the Corporate Governance Statement must be read in conjunction with the Company’s articles of association, the Corporate Governance Charter as well as the corporate governance provisions laid down in the Belgian Code on Companies and Associations (the BCCA).

As a company secondary listed on the Athens Stock Exchange (Athex), Cenergy Holdings also complies with the provisions of the applicable Greek capital market laws and regulations.