Distribution and dividend policy Cenergy Holdings does not have a history of dividend distribution. No dividends have been paid to shareholders during the Company’s lifetime as it reinvests profits back into its business.

The dividend distribution policy will be reviewed by the Board in due course and, if the policy changes, the Company will inform the market accordingly. No assurance can be given, however, that the Company will make dividend payments in the future. Such payments will depend upon a number of factors, including the Company’s prospects, strategies, results of operations, earnings, capital requirements and surplus, general financial conditions, contractual restrictions and other factors considered relevant by the Board. Due to its interest and participation in a number of subsidiaries and affiliated companies, the Company’s stand-alone income and its ability to pay dividends depends in part on the receipt of dividends and distributions from these subsidiaries and affiliated companies. The payment of dividends by these subsidiaries and affiliated companies is contingent upon the sufficiency of earnings, cash flows, and distributable reserves.

Pursuant to Belgian law, the calculation of amounts available for distribution to shareholders, as dividends or otherwise, must be determined on the basis of the Company’s nonconsolidated financial statements. In accordance with BCCA, the Company’s Articles of Association also require that the Company allocates at least 5% of its annual net profits to its legal reserve each year, until the legal reserve equals at least 10% of the Company’s share capital. As a consequence of these factors, there can be no assurance as to whether dividends or similar payments will be distributed in the future.