Cenergy Holdings participates at the “Greening the grid” session at the Delphi Economic Forum VII

“We actively support energy security and the transition to RES” says Cenergy Holdings’ CFO

As a speaker on the “Greening the Grid” panel at the Delphi Economic Forum which ended on Saturday, April 9th, Alexandros Benos, CFO of Cenergy Holdings, spoke about Cenergy Holdings’ active contribution, as well as its significant potential in terms of supporting the country’s energy security and effectively contributing to the energy transition. “When it comes to energy security, Cenergy Holdings possesses the knowledge, technology and experience in terms of energy security but also making sure that RES plays a significant role in our energy mix. Not only do we provide technologically advanced solutions, but also mature solutions, in the sense they have already been successfully tested over the last few years,” he stressed.

Electric interconnections, wind energy and floating wind farms

“Through using the most modern technology, we connect island regions with Greece’s central network, in order to stop electricity production using diesel and to ensure that the entire country receives an uninterrupted energy supply. Our recent project, one that is well-known to most Greeks, concerns the construction and installation of one of the most demanding network interconnections in the world, namely the Crete – Peloponnese interconnection, which stands out globally in terms of   the depth of the installation and the length of the single cable. With that being said, only a small percentage of Cenergy Holdings’ projects concern Greece. “Globally, we are active in about 70 countries,” Mr. Benos pointed out during his speech, adding that: “Regarding the issue of energy security, not only in Greece, but in Europe as a whole, our industry’s contribution is crucial, be that in projects such as the ongoing electricity interconnection with Egypt, the exploitation of offshore wind farms or in particular, floating wind farms’ innovative technology for which we possess key technology and experience. Therefore, accelerating the required spatial planning and legislative frameworks is a key precondition.”

Referring specifically to wind energy, the company’s CFO noted Cenergy Holdings’ leading expertise and know-how in this area: “We support the projects of world leaders in wind, most recently Doggerbank in the United Kingdom, the largest offshore wind farm in the world, for which our company is the sole supplier of the inter-array cables that are being used. At Cenergy Holdings, we support wind energy projects. And I mention wind energy separately because it is the only RES that can be expanded quickly on a large scale while, and Greece possesses immense wind potential that is ready to be exploited.”

Cenergy Holdings’ environmental footprint

Finally, Mr. Benos finally referred to the integration of environmental policies into the country’s strategic planning. “Cenergy Holdings has, for years, taken great care in adapting to the reality of the energy transition. Cenergy Holdings’ management has endeavored to this end via the policy it has chosen to follow, the strategic planning of its companies, as well as the actions and initiatives that meet the respective challenges and ensure its growth prospects. We have taken on the responsibility of reducing our environmental footprint, not only I how we manufacture our products, but by designing technological solutions that will allow the overall transformation of the economy into a carbon neutral economy, in collaboration with our suppliers and customers.”

Mr. Benos also pointed out the commitment on the part of Hellenic Cables, the company’s cable company, to set specific 5 to 10 year goals, whilst also pursuing a zero equivalent carbon emissions policy (according to the science-based SBTi Net-Zero Standard) which will come to fruition by 2050 at the latest.