Corinth Pipeworks is certified as a “Carbon Neutral Company” for its production activities (Scope I & II) by TÜV NORD

First steel pipe producer in the world to receive this certification


Corinth Pipeworks S.A. achieved net zero carbon emissions for its production facilities and was marked as a “Carbon Neutral Company” for 2019 by TÜV NORD certification body.

In this way, Corinth Pipeworks S.A. innovates once more, leading the way in its sector regarding climate change initiatives and also implements business practices that are necessary for the transformation of the European economy into climate neutral economy by 2050.

Initially, Corinth Pipeworks adopted the implementation of ISO 14064 – Part 1:2018 for calculating Greenhouse Gas emissions, resulting from its production activities (Scope I & II) and then continued by verifying GHG emissions according to ISO 14064 – Part 3:2006 by TÜV Hellas (TÜV NORD) certification body. Corinth Pipeworks ensured that 100% of the electrical energy needs for 2019 originated from renewable energy sources and therefore indirect emissions were totally eliminated.

Total offset of the remaining emissions was achieved through purchasing of certified emissions reduction units, from UN approved programs such as: “Weyerhaeuser Uruguay” Forest Plantations on degraded grass-lands under extensive grazing» and “Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by application of No-till technology at Private Joint Stock Company Rise-Maksymko”.

The acquisition of the “Carbon Neutral Company” mark for 2019 is of particular importance for our Company since it ensures that our entire production operation had a net zero carbon footprint.

Mr. Bekiros, CEO of Corinth Pipeworks, stressed that: “The “Carbon Neutral Company” certification by TÜV NORD is an important milestone for us, as it practically confirms our Company’s commitment to the principles of sustainability, the confrontation of climate change and at the same time, highlights our innovative position in our sector, as the first steel pipe producer in the world to receive this certification”

Dr. Panagiotis Achladas, Lead Verifier of TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD), who verified the calculations of greenhouse gas emissions, stated: “The verification of greenhouse gas emissions originated from production activities of the company, using both thermal energy and electricity, which comes entirely from renewable sources, was the beginning of a process which resulted in their full offsetting taking into account high-quality carbon allowances created by approved United Nations programs and well deserves the distinctive mark of the Carbon Neutral Company issued by our parent organization TÜV NORD”.


About ‘’Carbon Neutral Company’’ mark

Organizations that are willing to achieve the ‘’Carbon Neutral Company’’ mark, use a detailed verification procedure of the total emissions (Scope I & Scope II) of their production activities and then purchase carbon credits by certified by the UN, projects.  The ‘’Carbon Neutral Company’’ mark is achieved by verification of carbon emissions offsetting according to a specific standard developed by TÜV NORD based on a long year experience on the field of climate protection and climate change management.

About Corinth Pipeworks

Corinth Pipeworks, member of Cenergy Holdings S.A., is one of the leading international producers and suppliers of steel pipes and hollow sections for the energy and construction sectors. With more than half a century of experience, working with leading energy companies, in particularly demanding projects worldwide. It operates in a state of the art plant factory in Thisvi, Viotia, Greece where constantly invests to provide reliable and high quality solutions.


TÜV HELLAS is a Certification, Inspection and Training Body, 100% Subsidiary of the German TÜV NORD Group. It has been active in Greece since 1987, providing Third Party Inspection- Certification services, for all types of enterprises. In both private and public sector, in the fields of Technology, Quality, Safety, Energy and Environment.